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Continental Bulldog
Characteristics, History, and Health

Continental Bulldog

The Continental Bulldog, also known as Conti, originated in Switzerland in the early 21st century. The breed was developed by Imelda Angehrn, who sought to create a version of the Bulldog that was healthier and more mobile than its ancestors, as traditional English Bulldogs often suffered from health issues due to their conformation. The Conti was developed using Old English Bulldogs and a smaller percentage of the modern English Bulldog.

Main Info
Alternate Names
Life Expectancy
12-14 years
Average Male Height
17-22 inches
Average Female Height
15-18 inches
Average Male Weight
55-66 pounds
Average Female Weight
48-60 pounds
Coat Length
Coat Type
Smooth, Fine
Coat Colors
Fawn, Brindle, White, Black
Coat Pattern
Black Mask

Genetic Predispositions and Health

Due to their relatively recent development and the breed's specific aim at healthier conformation and physical traits, the Continental Bulldog is expected to have fewer health issues compared to their English Bulldog counterparts. It's important to note, however, that each dog is an individual and can still potentially suffer from a variety of health issues common among large dog breeds. However, other Bulldog breeds can suffer from neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis (NCL-10), dermatological conditions such as ichthyosis, eye disorders, and hip and elbow dysplasia.

Personality and Behavior

The Continental Bulldog is known to be friendly, calm, and good-natured. These dogs are loyal and form strong bonds with their human families. They can be somewhat independent and stubborn at times, but they are generally eager to please. They are sociable and typically get along well with other dogs and animals, given proper socialization. They are also known to be good with children.

Fun Facts

The Continental Bulldog became an official breed with the Swiss Kennel Club (SKC) on September 14, 2004. Around three months later on December 5, 2004, the Continental Bulldog Club of Switzerland was created.