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13 Most Scary Dog Breeds
Dog Breed

13 Most Scary Dog Breeds

Although dogs symbolize faithfulness, loyalty, and companionship, their long fur, sharp teeth, and aggressive postures can still cast a terrifying spell and impact people. People with bitter and traumatic past experiences may also consider them scary.

The questions that often confront us are: Are the dogs horrifying? Or is it just a superstition or misconception?

If we look at history, dogs have never compromised on faithfulness. That's why they have been used for hunting and guarding for so long. It is the breed and training that make people fearful.

Can any dog be friendly if raised in a friendly environment? Exactly! Consistent training and socializing can modify dogs' behavior and temperament. A supportive and positive environment plays a vital role in changing the nature of aggressive dogs.

The Scariest Dog Breeds

Personal experiences and cultural influences have portrayed some of the breeds as intimidating. Moreover, media depiction has also played a significant role in this. Some species' upbringing, genetics, and appearance have made them scary. A few breeds of scary dogs are presented below.


Weight: 80 -135 pounds

Height: 24-27 inches

Characteristics: intelligent, loyal, and protective

These dogs are considered big scary dogs for their black and tan coat appearance but are known for loyalty, strength, and protection. They are often seen with police officers for inquiry purposes or to find criminals. In addition, they guard and protect animals and particular communities. If responsible ownership is provided through proper mental exercises and affection, they could be trained to be kept as pets.

American Pit Bull Terrier

Weight: 30-60 pounds

Height: 18-21 inches

Characteristics: muscular, energetic, fierce

Pit Bulls were not originally known as terrifying dogs. Their muscles are natural, but their fierce looks are sometimes artificially induced by sharpening their canine teeth, which helps them to be recognized as the most dangerous dogs in America and known as scary Pit Bulls. They are often stereotyped as being one of the meanest dog breeds. Genetics and nurturing are the reasons for their chilling appearance, while with love and training they could be raised to be friendly.


Weight: 50-100 pounds

Height: 24-34 inches

Characteristics: complex nature, loyal to owners, intense genetic makeup

The name of the wolfdog is also heart-pounding, along with its appearance. The wolfdogs are a hybrid of domestic dogs and wolves. Due to their wild nature, they require extraordinary care to be tamed. They demand experienced caretakers as they may exhibit strange needs simultaneously. Some states have banned their presence from being kept as pets as they may pose a threat to human beings and other creatures. According to Dr. Dutrow, cross-matching dogs and wolves was done to adopt a unique dog species to perform specific tasks.


Weight: 130-150 pounds

Height: 28-30 inches

Characteristics: gentle and docile, swimming ability, moderate energy level

Their huge size may cause people to consider them scary, but they are actually loyal, friendly, good-natured, and known as 'gentle giants.' In addition, they are good swimmers, and their original breed was used by fishermen in Newfoundland, Canada. They are harmless to be kept as pets, but regular care and exercise are mandatory to help them live happily.

Doberman Pinscher

Weight: 60-100 pounds

Height: 24-28 inches

Characteristics: confident, loyal, intelligent, energetic

Originating in Germany as guard dogs, Dobermans have become highly trainable and versatile dogs that excel at various canine sports and working roles, including police and military service. These dogs form strong bonds with their families while acting as natural guardians - making them popular choices when seeking protection.

Great Dane

Weight: 140-175 pounds

Height: 30-34 inches

Characteristics: gigantic size, muscular body, gentle temperament, loyal and protective

Great Danes are great dogs. They might be considered scary for their extraordinary height, but in the meantime, they are the best watchdogs. As their height is exceptional, they require extra care to stay healthy. They develop friendly associations with children and other animals if given proper training. Do you remember Scooby-Doo? A Great Dane!

Cane Carso

Weight: 90-120 pounds

Height: 25-28 inches

Characteristics: trainable, gentle with family, moderate energy level

Cane Caros are an Italian breed and have thick coats over their body. They are considered to be low-energy dogs but require proper physical and mental training to remain active. They could prove themselves to be caring and loving companions.

Caucasian Ovcharka

Weight: 100-200+ pounds

Height: 25-30 inches

Characteristics: protective, independent, strong-willed

They actually originated from the Caucasus region. These dogs were once used to defend livestock against attacks. These dogs require experienced handling for socialization and training.

Kangal (Turkish Kangal)

Weight: 90-150 pounds

Height: 28-32 inches

Characteristics: loyal, protective, independent

Kangals are large, muscular dogs with iconic black masks and short coats. They are known for their powerful presence and alert expressions, which make them worthy guardians. Kangals originated in Turkey to protect other livestock animals. They act as guard dogs against animals like wolves and bears. Their breeder should provide plenty of space to roam and an activity that suits their instincts.

Dogo Argentino

Weight: 80-100 pounds

Height: 24-27 inches

Characteristics: loyal, courageous, athletic

They are also known as the Argentine Mastiff. They are athletic dogs with muscular builds originating from Argentina. These dogs, such as wild boar and puma, were initially developed for big game hunting. Early socialization and constant training sessions must occur for optimal behavior and training results to ensure well-behaved companions.

American Bulldog

Weight: 60-120 pounds

Height: 22-27 inches

Characteristics: confident, muscular built, good with children

They are highly loyal, powerful, courageous, and muscular. They like to indulge in hiking, walking, and playing different games. Only well-trained people can keep them as pets; otherwise, their aggressive behavior may destroy them.

Gull Dong

Weight: 80-100 pounds

Height: 24-28 inches

Characteristics: fearless, independent nature, reserved with strangers

According to an article by Jean Brewer, it's a breed that originated in Pakistan to rescue livestock and is well known for its guarding and protecting behavior. They are solid and sturdy dogs with heavy necks and strong jaws. To save the people from their aggressiveness, they require training and exercises.

German Shepherd

Weight: 65-90 pounds

Height: 22-26 inches

Characteristics: loyal and watchful, energetic, good with children

These dogs are highly agile, active, loyal, intelligent and watchful. Their presence seems scary, but they offer their services for military, inspection, and search operations. They prove themselves to be extremely loyal to their owners and love to play various games. They are excellent watchdogs.


In a nutshell, every breed has different demands. Scary dogs can be tackled well if their needs are addressed appropriately. Patience, compassionate behavior, and careful consideration are required for handling intimidating dogs. Staying calm, practicing patience, speaking softly, and seeking professional help could be helpful tactics to make a reasonable bond with scary breeds of dogs so they can be kept for specific purposes.

DNA testing can help identify your dog's breed, revealing their unique genetic background and strengthening your bond with them. It's a modern way to learn more about your furry friend and appreciate their individuality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it true that certain breeds are more likely to be aggressive?

Not exactly. Their physical appearance, fur, teeth, and bark make them look aggressive but training and environment play the key role. 

Can any dog breed be friendly if raised in a loving environment?

Good training could positively impact a dog's behavior if raised in a loving environment, but this is not true with all breeds.