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Oral Health Test for Cats


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Get specific information about your cat’s current state of oral health.

It turns out that at any given time, the types and quantities of certain microbes in your cat’s mouth are indicators of their risk for having any of the three most common dental issues: bad breath (halitosis), tooth resorption, and periodontal disease. The Basepaws Oral Health Test lets you know what's going on in your cat’s mouth—giving you the chance to make empowered, proactive decisions and get ahead of dental conditions before they become advanced.

Be in charge of proactive care that helps keep your pet happy and healthy — now and in the future.

Your cat's first oral health test provides a baseline of knowledge. From there, you can make empowered decisions to implement personalized care routines for your cat's oral health, which is directly connected to their overall health. This is because the state of your pet's oral health turns out to be a good indicator of their risk for developing other diseases. For example, a high risk of having periodontal disease is associated with an increased risk of developing chronic kidney disease. So the sooner you know about such risks, the sooner you can work with your veterinarian to support your pet’s health by addressing them.

Track changes in your cat’s oral health over time with regular testing (2-3 times per year).

Retesting gives you more information about what’s working for your pet’s oral health routine and what’s not. For example, if your first Basepaws oral health test indicated that your pet is at medium to high risk of having a dental condition and then you implement a personalized oral care routine for six months, a retest lets you know whether or not your care routine is helping to lower your pet’s risk. It’s information that helps put you in control of improving your pet’s oral health. Retesting right after a professional dental cleaning and then within a few months after the cleaning can also help you to track changes in your pet’s oral microbiome and help you to better understand their unique needs for keeping their mouths healthy and happy.

1-click share with your veterinarian - vets love our actionable insights for highly personalized pet health.

The sooner you know about your cat's health risks, the sooner you can partner with your veterinarian for proactive precision care.

How It Works

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Peace of Mind

Empowerment through answers

It is estimated that 70% of ALL adult cats have a dental health problem, with periodontal disease being the number one culprit. Most dental disease is below the gum line and is not seen on a visual exam unless advanced. Dental disease is preventable (and even reversible!) if detected early. The Basepaws Oral Health Test is a highly specific screening test looking for microbial signatures associated with the most common dental conditions in cats: Periodontal Disease, Tooth Resorption, and Halitosis.

Digital Report

What do I get in my report?

  • Risk scores for 3 of the most common dental conditions in cats: Periodontal disease, Tooth resorption and Bad breath (halitosis)

  • Evaluation of how your cat’s dental health could be impacting their general health.

  • Personalized recommendations for improving your cat’s dental health at home.

  • Personalized clinical care recommendations to share with your veterinarian.

  • Deep dive into all the microbes that may put your cat at risk of dental disease.

IMG PDP Oral Customer Story how the Basepaws Oral
Customer Story

How the Basepaws Oral Health Test saved this cat’s life.

Meet Sami. This loving and adorable fellow is one of four cats that Basepaws community member, Giuliano Argenti, rescued and welcomed into his family. At the wise age of 19, Sami is living a healthy and full life—yet this wasn’t always the case. Learn about how the Basepaws Oral Health Test helped Giuliano and his veterinarian save Sami’s pearly whites, and ultimately, his life. It’s a story with a happy ending that gives us all something to smile about!

The cat’s mouth is the gateway into the body. The veterinarian plays a key role in keeping cat’s teeth and gums healthy. This goes far towards a long and comfortable life. Embracing the information gained from knowing the oral biome greatly aids in tailoring specific care for each cat.

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Jan Bellows
Before You Order

What you need to know before ordering a Basepaws Oral Health Test for your cat:


Frequently Asked Questions

Do not hesitate to write us on the contact page and one of our consultants will contact you as soon as possible.

How does this work? How long does it take?

Simple! Once you receive your Basepaws Oral Health Test in the mail, follow the detailed instructions for sample collection and barcode registration located on the inside of the box. After collecting your sample, send it back to us in the provided prepaid packaging. We will notify you via email once your sample is received. Your report will be available in 4-6 weeks from when your sample arrives at our laboratory. Every sample helps us create the biggest database of feline genetic and oral microbiome data and may help contribute to new discoveries in feline health.

Does this test replace the need for my cat to visit a veterinarian?

This test does not provide a diagnosis. It’s important to share your report with your veterinarian during your cat’s next wellness visit (or sooner based on the results) so that further medical action can be taken if needed.

How will this test benefit me and my cat?

Basepaws' Oral Health Test is the only feline dental disease screening test available for use at home or at the vet office, without the need for anesthetizing the animal. The test analyses more than 600+ microbes in your cat’s mouth looking for disease signatures before they become visible to the naked eye. Dental disease is preventable (and even reversible!) if detected early. The Basepaws Oral Health Test is a highly specific screening test looking for microbial signatures associated with the most common dental conditions in cats: Periodontal Disease, Tooth Resorption, and Halitosis.

How often should I test my cat's oral microbiome?

Veterinary dentists recommend regularly testing your cat's mouth, as often as every 3-6 months. This is because changes in your cat's diet, lifestyle and medication can change their oral microbiome and increase their risk of developing dental diseases. It's also a great way to monitor how well your at-home dental routine is working.

Which updates are included in the Breed + Health DNA test?

Included: Breeds

Basepaws Breed + Health DNA Tests come with free breed updates for life as we add more breeds to our reports, and as we add more pedigree samples to our database. Basepaws currently tests for 21 cat breed types and 4 breed regions. There are over 60 known cat breeds at this time, so we will continue to research more pedigree cats to increase the number of breeds included in the results over time.

This means that our reports are living documents! They will update with each new breed addition over time as we continue researching and developing. These will be added to your report at no additional cost, and we will notify every cat parent by email when their cat's report has been updated with new breeds.

Our current list of breeds can be found here: Basepaws Cat DNA Report: Which Breeds Does It Include?

Not included: Health Markers

Please keep in mind that only Whole Genome Sequencing customers will continue to receive health marker updates to their cats' reports. 

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We charge $15 for International shipping (return shipping NOT included).

PLEASE NOTE: We cannot guarantee that you will or will not be charged any customs taxes or duties. Any customs or import duties are charged once the parcel reaches its destination country. These charges must be paid by the recipient of the parcel. This applies only to International and Canadian orders.

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Becky G.
This test was so helpful!

Easy to perform. Cat tolerated the sampling well.

Tracy B.
Interesting information

I found the information this test provides interesting as did my vet.

My vet loved this test

It’s so interesting to learn more about the health of my cat without sticking him with a needle. Thank you for all you do.

Myra R.
Thank you all

I think your customer service is terrific. Always fast with a good answer.

Patrick C.
A great pet healthcare tool

I think the Cat Dental Health Test is an excellent product for any cat caregiver who may be concerned regarding the teeth of their cat(s). Our cats were rescues, and due to their previous circumstances had little or no previous dental care. Consequently, though young, our cats already have signs of potential dental issues. The test provides insight about review stating A great pet healthcare tool that may allow us to prevent or head off severe problems in the future.

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