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Proactive Pet Care

Whole Genome Sequencing


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You want to know your cat—inside and out—and the WGS test lets you do just that.

Get specific information about your cat’s current state of oral health.

Free lifetime report updates.

Large volumes of data could inform new genetic health and trait marker discoveries.

How It Works

Simply swab and send.We will do the rest

Easy, safe, and quick for you and your pet
Gold Standard in Genomics

How does WGS compare to other genotyping methods?

High-depth WGS is the gold standard in genomics and is the most comprehensive way to obtain genetic information. It decodes 100% of the genome. In contrast, most commercially available DNA tests rely on a technology called DNA microarrays and typically decode only 0.01% - 0.02% of the genome. This means that with high-depth WGS, you will have access to ALL of your cat’s genomic data – a treasure trove for future discoveries as feline genetics progresses.
PDP WGS Empowered Decisions Upside Down Cat
Peace of Mind

Empowered decisions to safeguard your cat’s life

There’s an unmatched peace of mind found in our deep science approach to cat’s DNA. Your pet is your family, and every decision you make involves them. Now the decisions you make for their health can be based on their unique needs, genetic risk factors, and breed traits. Knowing is caring, and this is a test as strong as your bond.

Breeds Breakdown

Let their genome do the talking.

What part of your cat genome is similar to a Western Maine Coon? An Eastern Burmese? Or a perfectly adorable Domestic Polycat? Using our world-class feline genomic database, Basepaws can estimate your tabby’s genomic similarity to more than 21 breed types and 4 breed regions.

Let their genome do the talking image - PDP WGS
Image PDP WGS You are in charge of your cat’s proactive care.
Health Screening

You are in charge of your cat’s proactive care

Your cat won't tell you when it’s sick. We test for 64 genetic markers, reporting on mutation carrier status and predisposition to 43 diseases, including Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD), Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM), Retinal degeneration, Myotonia and more.

Proactive Pet Care

Dental disease is a reality for most cats

Dental diseases in cats can be tough to spot with the naked eye, especially in the early stages. A test for detecting risks of the three main common dental diseases in cats is included in your DNA test because your kitty’s mouth is a gateway to their overall health – and we want to protect every part of it.

IMG PDP WGS Dental disease is a reality for most cats.

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What our customers are saying

Peace of mind

My ten-year old calico is in seemingly good health, but I wanted to be aware of anything that could endanger her time with me. The whole genome sequencing returned the best possible news in that she had none of the markers that Basepaws tested for. While we as pet parents must always be vigilant for the maladies that can affect our "kids", I am grateful for having the peace of mind provided by the whole genome sequencing.

I wanted to learn all I could about my cat before he passed

My cat passed away suddenly from lymphoma. He was diagnosed with a lymphoma and his anemia has been progressing rapidly. I wanted to learn all I could about him before he passed, and also wanted to make sure that his DNA and medical data could be useful to researchers doing work in feline cancer. I know Basepaws has this on their roadmap and the price I paid for this was nothing compared to knowing my cat somehow assistant with learning more about some of the most critical feline diseases. I appreciate how much work you guys do in your R&D lab, getting this product opened up my eyes to Basepaws beyond just DNA testing for fun breed stuff

Helping science and learning more about my cats!

We decided to sequence Luna using the full genome for a few reasons. Most importantly HEALTH, I want to get updates on new markers and have her sequenced to help others (fingers crossed she has no issues), but we did recently loose our almost 2 year old, Tommy, due to idiopathic wet Chylothorax. I realize this condition is rare and “not a genetic condition”, but so many times in human history have we said that about conditions until we had enough data to make the connections. This my hopeful contribution to the data needed to detect predispositions for conditions.

Love Basepaws!

Absolutely loved getting to see what my Oliver is. The oral health results didn't surprise us much, we've known since he was about a year old that he was gonna have issues with his teeth. Absolutely love this company! ❤️

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