13 Women, Improving the World One Cat at a Time

13 Women, Improving the World One Cat at a Time

Dr. Emily Stein, PhD, Co-Founder of TEEF!

Dr. Stein, a UC Berkeley and Stanford-trained scientist with a background in microbiology and immunology, created TEEF! Dental Health Daily Water Additive to target the sources of dental disease in our pets’ mouths. Dr. Stein’s research has introduced groundbreaking technology in understanding and balancing your pet’s oral microbiome, stemming from her mission to give our pet’s the healthiest and most effective products possible.  


Dr. Emily Stein, Image by TEEF!


Anna Skaya, Founder and CEO of Basepaws

Anna Skaya has been the CEO of several companies, but found her calling when she combined her love of cats and science to create Basepaws. In founding Basepaws, she has paved the way for scientists to study feline genetics and given cat owners a whole new way to learn about their cats. Basepaws now has one of the largest feline genetic databases, and has provided tens of thousands of cat parents with their cat’s unique genetic information.

 Anna Skaya

Leigh D’Angelo, Founder of Dig and Tabby Dating Apps

When it comes to your pet’s health and wellness, don’t forget that having a happy human plays a key role! Leigh D’Angelo founded Dig and Tabby, dating apps designed specifically for pet people, to help them find love based on compatibility and, of course, their mutual love for their pets! Her experience in the pet technology industry, combined with the rise in pet adoptions and online dating during the pandemic, led her to create one of the most personalized online dating experiences available!

 Leigh D'Angelo

Shannon Falconer, Phd, Co-Founder and CEO of Because Animals

Driven by the goal of creating nutritious, sustainable, and cruelty-free pet food, Shannon Falconer, PhD, and her co-founder Joshua, created Because, Animals. After spending time volunteering at a cat rescue in Toronto, they both felt that the food being given to these cats was not only lacking in nutritional value, but was harming the environment and other animals. Dr. Falconer’s background in microbiology inspired Because, Animals to revolutionize the way we source ingredients in cat and dog food.

Ellen Carozza, LVT, Founder of Chris Griffey Memorial Feline Foundation

Ellen Carozza, LVT is the founder of Critical Kittens, a neonatal and special needs kitten rescue, and a frequent guest speaker at Basepaws events. Ellen is certified as a veterinary dental technician and is a member of American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). Some of Ellen’s many skills include anesthesia, dentistry, surgical nursing, geriatric care and neonatal kitten care, making her a powerful voice in the veterinary community, as well as an advocate for the smallest and most vulnerable kittens to live their best lives.

Ellen Carozza, LVT

Liz Bales, VMD, Founder of Doc and Phoebe’s Cat Company

Liz Bales, VMD, has been practicing veterinary medicine for over two decades and gained a special interest in the unique behavioral and wellness needs of pets. Her focus on feline behavior led her to launch Doc and Phoebe’s Cat Company, with products designed specifically for your cat’s instinctual behaviors in mind. Dr. Bales has shared her expertise on all things pet related on shows, podcasts, and webinars around the world.

Liz Bales, VMD

Katie Woodley, BVSc, “The Natural Pet Doctor”

As an expert holistic veterinarian, Dr. Woodley has made it her mission to educate and empower pet parents on the benefits of natural treatment options, including nutrition, acupuncture, herbal medicine, and supplements. She is changing the way we prevent and treat health conditions in pets through her services as The Natural Pet Doctor, so that every pet has the best chance possible at living a life free of pain.

Mikel Delgado, PhD, Co-Founder of Feline Minds

Dr. Delgado is a trusted voice in feline behavior and the resident cat behavior expert for Rover.com, Smalls for Cats, and Basepaws! She worked in the Cat Behavior Program for the San Francisco SPCA for many years before joining Feline Minds as a behavior consultant. As a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist, Dr. Delgado has changed the lives of cats and cat parents, by helping them understand feline behavior issues and educating them on basic cat care.  

Dr. Mikel Delgado


Tabitha Kucera, CCBC, RVT, Founder of Chirrups and Chatter

After working with animal rescues and observing issues caused by misunderstanding of animal behavior, Tabitha became a Certified Cat Behavior Consultant and founded Chirrups and Chatter. She helps clients resolve, manage, and prevent many types of dog and cat behavior issues, such as house soiling, aggression, and attention-seeking, destructive and fear-based behaviors, giving both pets and parents a better quality of life together.

Jane Brunt, DVM, Executive Director of CATalyst Council

Dr. Brunt is one of the leading feline practitioners in the United States, having practiced feline-exclusive medicine for more than twenty years.  As Executive Director of the CATalyst Council, she is an active supporter of local, state, and national feline organizations contributing to improving feline welfare, especially of the new generation of veterinary professionals.

Lauren Demos, DVM, Chief Veterinary Officer of Pettable

Dr. Demos is the past President of the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP), and currently serves as the CVO of Pettable, a virtual veterinary service with pet health experts available 24/7. She is adamant about getting involved in organized veterinary medicine, and hopes to inspire students coming out of veterinary school do the same.

Karn Myers, Co-Founder and Executive Director of FixNation

After experiencing first-hand the plight of homeless cats living in the Los Angeles area, Karn and her late husband were compelled to help them, and founded FixNation. Their mission is to reduce the population of homeless cats through Trap-Neuter-Return and colony management for the humane care of homeless cats. They became the first full-time spay/neuter facility in Los Angeles in 2007, and proved free spay/neuter services for homeless cats, community outreach and education, and partnerships to facilitate adoptions. 

Karn Myers


Hannah Shaw, “The Kitten Lady

Hannah Shaw is a kitten rescuer, humane educator, and New York Times bestselling author who has dedicated her life to finding innovative ways to protect animals. She is best known for her social media presence as the Kitten Lady. The Kitten Lady project provides educational media, training resources, and instructional workshops that help individuals and animal shelters learn how to save the lives of kittens. 

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