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Proactive Pet Care

Breed + Health Cat DNA Test


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Uncover the intriguing breeds that shape who your cat is.

Safeguard your cat’s well-being & enjoy more snuggles together with peace of mind.

Your cat is cute AND captivating… now learn why.

Help shield your cat from silent oral health problems and costly surprises.

Seamless collaboration with your cat’s care team– your veterinarian!

How It Works

Simply swab and send. We will do the rest.

Easy, safe, and quick for you and your pet.
PDP WGS Empowered Decisions Upside Down Cat
Peace of Mind

Empowered decisions to help safeguard your cat’s life

There’s peace of mind found in our deep science approach to cat DNA. Your cat is your family, and every decision you make involves them. Now the decisions you make for their health can be based on their unique needs, genetic risk factors, and breed traits. Knowing is caring, and Basepaws test is as strong as your bond.

Health Screening

You are in charge of your cat’s proactive care

Your cat won't tell you when it’s sick. We test for 64 genetic markers, reporting on mutation carrier status and predisposition to 43 diseases, including Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD), Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM), Retinal degeneration, Myotonia and more.

Image PDP WGS You are in charge of your cat’s proactive care.
Dental disease is a reality for most cats.
Proactive Cat Care

Dental disease is a reality for most cats

Dental diseases in cats can be tough to spot with the naked eye, especially in the early stages. A test for detecting risks of the three main common dental diseases in cats is included in your DNA test because your kitty’s mouth is a gateway to their overall health – and we want to help protect every part of it.

Breeds Breakdown

Let their genome do the talking

What part of your cat genome is similar to a Western Maine Coon? An Eastern Burmese? Or a perfectly adorable Domestic Polycat? Using our world-class feline genomic database, Basepaws can estimate your tabby’s genomic similarity to more than 21 breed types and 4 breed regions.

Let their genome do the talking image - PDP WGS
IMG PDP Oral Customer Story how the Basepaws Oral
Customer Story

How the Basepaws Oral Health Test saved this cat’s life.

Meet Sami. This loving and adorable fellow is one of four cats that Basepaws community member, Giuliano Argenti, rescued and welcomed into his family. At the wise age of 19, Sami is living a healthy and full life—yet this wasn’t always the case. Learn about how the Basepaws Oral Health Test helped Giuliano and his veterinarian save Sami’s pearly whites, and ultimately, his life. It’s a story with a happy ending that gives us all something to smile about!


Frequently Asked Questions

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What our customers are saying

4.5 stars from 350+ reviews on Yotpo
Emily T.
So informative!

Loved learning about my cat. Highly recommend!

Debra T.
Cat DNA results

It was very thorough. My daughter is a D.V.M., and she was impressed with the comprehensive data. Interesting for me, and I will share it with my cat's Vetererinarian.

Galit D.
Loved Basepaws

I had an inkling what breeds Bernie was. I used Basepaws to find out and was surprised of the results. My Bernie was a mix of so many cute cats. I learned a lot from the informative booklet received. I would gladly return again for my other pets.

Elizabeth C.

Took a while but a very interesting report. It will take a while to absorb everything they sent.

Lynn B.
Love the Information Given!!!

The health markers are an excellent way to follow your pet's health and an effective aid in your journey to be a proactive owner in taking care of your cat. I find this test, along with the oral test, very beneficial. To top it off, you can send the results directly to your vet so that they can help you in more ways than your typical health check up vet visit. I am very satisfied with these tests!!!

Michael Y.
Fascinating information about my cats

It was so interesting finding out my cat’s ancestry and to participate in increasing Basepaws database to help cats everywhere.

Emily R.
Love it!!

So grateful for Basepaws, it’s an awesome product that helps you to learn more about your cat! Every step of the way was easy and anytime I talked to anyone, they were super friendly and helpful!

Kathleen P.
Great product and the best customer service!

Having our cat’s DNA tested was lots of fun and very informative. The process is quite simple but when we had questions, the customer service person’s support was outstanding. We highly recommend basepaws!

Roberta C.

Wish there were details on cats health, but I'd give them very good reviews. Just need to print results of my fur babies.

Barbara M.
Great Info

I am very pleased with the results of the DNA test. Finally truly know our lovely baby is a wonderful mixed breed! Also know that she has no major genetic issues! Such a pleasure to know!

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