Five Ways to Show Your Cat You Love Them

Five Ways to Show Your Cat You Love Them

We're Celebrating National Love Your Pet Day!
Our cats show us love and affection every day. It’s our job to show them how much we adore them through routine care, play, and lots of cuddles. In honor of National Love Your Pet Day we’re giving you pawsome tips to show your cat you love them.

Here are the top five ways to show your cat how much you love them:

  • Bi-annual visits to a cat-friendly vet. Obviously visits to the vet are important, but why a cat-friendly practice? They make a trip to the veterinarian less stressful for both cats and their people. These veterinarians and their staff are cat experts and know what to look for and how to treat your feline friend.

  • Provide plenty of clean, fresh water every day. Cats are really fussy about water and often do not get enough. If you notice the water bowl level isn’t going down when you refill it, consider an alternative delivery system like a glass or a cat fountain. If that doesn’t work, feeding your cat a high-quality wet cat food to keep your cat hydrated.

  • Regular grooming. Cats self-groom all the time, but to help them avoid ingesting excess hair and dander, be sure to brush their coat weekly. This practice also allows you to notice any skin problems like redness or bumps, which can mean early vet intervention and treatment.

  • Spay or neuter your cat. It’s not just about controlling the pet population, but also about the prevention of reproductive diseases. These diseases can affect both female and male cats. Spaying prevents uterine infections, ovarian cancers, and breast tumors in female cats. Neutering male cats can prevent testicular cancer and some prostate issues. It also keeps them from roaming and marking their territory.

  • Keep the litter boxes clean, fresh, and plentiful. The suggested rule of “paw” for litter boxes is 1:1+1. So if you have two cats, you’ll want three litter boxes. Keep them clean, which will usually mean scooping more than once daily. Doing this will help you notice any changes in your cat’s urine or feces earlier rather than later. And your home will always smell fresh — BONUS!

      Other great ways to love your cat is with nose-to-tail rubs, lots of playtime, and a Basepaws cat DNA test kit. Testing your cat’s DNA lets you get to know and love them on a whole new level based on breed, health, traits, and habits. There’s no better way to love your pet cat, so order right meow!