Basepaws Cat DNA Report: Which Breeds Does It Include?

Basepaws Cat DNA Report: Which Breeds Does It Include?

Since the launch, the Basepaws team has been striving to create one of the largest databases of feline genetic and physical information in an effort to improve feline health and learn more about the genetic basis of cat breeds. Below you can find the complete list of breeds currently included in the breed report of the Basepaws Cat DNA Report.

The breed groups included in our Basepaws Cat DNA report are now broken down into 4 categories: Western (from Europe/Americas), Eastern (from Asia), Persian (Persian and related cats) and Exotic (hybrids and Egyptian Mau). Your cat will more dominantly belong to ONE of these groups. Within the dominant breed group, we rank the breeds in the order of genetic similarity to your cat - the first breed being the one your kitty is MOST similar to of ALL the included breeds. Currently, the Basepaws Cat DNA report includes the following breeds:

Western breeds:

1. Abyssinian
2. American Shorthair
3. Maine Coon
4. Norwegian Forest Cat
5. Ragdoll
6. Russian Blue
7. Siberian Forest Cat
8. Turkish Van
9. Turkish Angora

Eastern breeds:

1. Burmese
2. Birman
3. Oriental Shorthair
4. Peterbald
5. Thai Siamese

Persian breeds:

1. British Shorthair
2. Himalayan
3. Exotic Shorthair
4. Persian

Exotic breeds:

1. Bengal (Asian leopard x domestic)
2. Savannah (serval x domestic)
3. Egyptian Mau

In the near future, as our database expands, we will be adding more breeds to the breed report. As the existing breed genetic profiles are constantly being refined, the similarity percentages for each breed you see now may slightly shift with each update we release.

More about your report:

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