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Petit Bleu De Gascogne
Characteristics, History, and Health

Petit Bleu De Gascogne

The Petit Bleu De Gascogne, also known as the Small Blue Gascony Hound, is a medium-sized breed that originated in France. This breed is renowned for its distinctive coat and hunting prowess, known for scenting abilities that are among the best of all the hound breeds. The Petit Bleu De Gascogne is a descendant of the Grand Bleu De Gascogne, one of the oldest hound breeds, tracing back to the 14th century in France. It was bred for hunting in the Gascony region of southwest France, hence its name. The breed was reduced in size from the Grand Bleu De Gascogne to create a smaller, more agile dog for hunting small game, particularly hare and rabbit.

Main Info
Alternate Names
Small Blue Gascony Hound
Life Expectancy
10-14 years
Average Male Height
22-24 inches
Average Female Height
20-22 inches
Average Male Weight
40-48 pounds
Average Female Weight
40-48 pounds
Coat Length
Coat Type
Dense, Thick
Coat Colors
Mottled Black & White
Coat Pattern
Black Patches, Tan Markings

Genetic Predispositions and Health

Petit Bleu De Gascognes are known to be generally healthy dogs, but as a larger breed they are at risk for developing orthopedic problems, such as hip and elbow dysplasia. Genetic testing is recommended, including for the following specific conditions: hyperuricosoria, degenerative myelopathy, and progressive rod-cone degeneration.

Personality and Behavior

Petit Bleu De Gascognes are known for their good-natured and laid-back personalities. They are generally friendly, sociable, and get along well with other dogs, as they have been bred to hunt in packs. They are known for their keen sense of smell and determination on the trail, but can also be stubborn at times, which can make training a challenge. However, with consistent, patient, and positive reinforcement training methods, they can be well-behaved and obedient companions.

Fun Facts

The Petit Bleu De Gascogne has one of the best senses of smell among dog breeds, only surpassed by the Bloodhound.

Despite their hunting lineage, these dogs are usually quite calm and relaxed in a home environment.

The breed's name translates to "Small Blue from Gascogne," which reflects both their size, their coat color, and their region of origin.